Constitution of EIRL (Limited Liability Company owned by one person)

A company with limited liability owned by one person only (EIRL) is a legal entity regardless of the owner’s. This company form is tailored to the needs of small businesses with a single owner and one or more managers and has the same advantages in terms of liability as an SRL respectively LLC.

Ready to operate within 25-35 working days.

It is handed over:

  • Registered Business Name

  • Certificate of Registration in the Chamber of Commerce (Registro Mercantil)

  • Bylaws created by notarial act

  • Nomination of Director

  • Entry into the tax office with tax number (RNC)

  • Company stamp

We need to know:

  • Desired company name

  • Copy of the identity card of the owner

  • Deposit of the capital funds in a Dominican Bank’s special account

  • Company address in the Dominican Republic

  • Brief description of the company activity

  • The person who will be manager (might be the owner or any other person)

  • Date for a meeting with your presence or authorized person for signature


We arrange the constitution of your EIRL in tune with your individual wishes and the laws of Dominican Republic.

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