About the Business

Our law firm is located in the center of the town of Sosúa, province of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.



It is our endeavor to offer our clients a variety of clear, ethical, transparent and efficient legal services in three languages (German, English and Spanish).


We make every effort to provide our clients with successful solutions to their problems, based on the circumstances of each case.


Thanks to our professional code of ethics and the organization in the management of our tasks, we have become one of the favorite law offices for many clients in this town, especially among the German community living in this country, but also for other foreign investors who are looking for a European working environment and sense of responsibility.


Our legal team is headed by the founder of the company, Licenciada Eva Lisa Ewest, a German citizen, who was born in Cologne and graduated from high school in that city.   Since July 2000  Eva Lisa Ewest has been a resident of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.


After having worked in hotels in the Customer Service area,  Eva Lisa Ewest began to study law in the Puerto Plata extension of the “Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago” (UTESA) in 2001 and successfully completed her studies in July of 2005.  She has since been sworn in before the Supreme Court of Justice and registered with the Bar Association of the Dominican Republic (“CARD”).


Since the end of 2002, Lisa had been working for Notary Guido Luis Perdomo Montalvo, who is known in Sosúa for his honesty and reliability.


In October 2008, Lic. Eva Lisa Ewest founded the law firm “Lisa Legal Solutions”, where she has been concentrating on assisting foreign investors, by handling their legal requirements in the acquisition of properties and businesses, the formation of companies, the drafting of all kinds of contracts (partnership, loan, mortgage, amicable agreements, etc.), as well as obtaining residency permits, driver’s licenses and other formalities.  Her excdellent knowledge of German, English and Spanish allows for a better communication with her clients when conducting business and resolving conflicts.


Lisa has also continued to take courses and workshops with regard to the new Real Estate Registration Law no. 108-05, the boundary survey process, the new Business Corporations Law no. 479-08 (“SRL” and “EIRL”) and the Notarial Law;  she is presently working on a Master’s degree in Real Estate Legislation.


LISA LEGAL SOLUTIONS, Attorneys at Law, has been very successful from its beginning and has expanded Lisa’s sphere of activities by providing her with experience in labor, civil and penal litigation in the courts, as well as a wide variety of other legal work.


Lisa is recommended in the Attorneys’ List of the German Embassy.  She has been authorized to keep her German nationality in addition to her recently acquired Dominican citizenship;  this, in addition to other requisites, will allow her to obtain her commission from the College of Notaries of the Dominican Republic.