Buy business & Commercial points

We have extensive experience in drafting sales contracts of incorporated companies and also operating commercial business points.

The transaction depends on several factors, such as payment and assets and liabilities to be transferred.

Assistance and advice in such transactions is critical to minimize the risks of hidden assets acquisition, because when acquiring an existing company, legal personality is not extinguished and continues, that means that past of company is acquired, too.

So in these cases, just as in the purchase of business or informal trade points, it is necessary to think about the following:

  • Contracts of employment and liquidation of former employees

  • Existing rental contracts or paid security deposits

  • Service delivery commitments and accumulated credits or debts

  • Operating licenses

  • Registered trademarks or trade names

  • Franchise concessions and permissions

  • Inventory of quality and quantity of goods and equipment

  • Delivery mode

  • Pending litigations

  • Tax liability

  • Established clientele

  • Ban seller to open another similar business

It should be noted that this type of purchase is always a difficult quest between trust and control, unfortunately the minority of the companies have an unblemished record of their proceedings.

If you have the idea of acquiring a business, get advise from us!


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