Assembly (Asamblea)

The assembly or general meeting is hierarchically the highest organ of societies.

Resolutions taken in assemblies are needed for performances that cannot be made by managers without prior authorization; and in the present (2012) for real-estate operations.

There are ordinary and extraordinary assemblies in addition to annual assemblies and written inquiries.

Depending on the bylaws of the society and the law, there are some decisions that can be taken only in extraordinary meetings which have more stringent requirements than ordinary assemblies.

Besides regular meetings, written consultations performed via Internet or Fax are other means for making day-to-day decisions.

Generally, each company must hold an ordinary annual meeting with the physical presence of the partners or their representatives to know about the operations and financial statements of the past year.

To have a transparent commercial operation, legal and without unnecessary conflicts in the future and always when important decisions are taken, it is significant to celebrate the assembly.

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