Companies Registry


In 2002 the Dominican Republic started with the modernization of the corporate or commercial rights, which in 2008 proceeded to culminate in 2011. From the beginning of January, 2002, each official commercial company needed to be registered in the Companies Registry, which became an obligation early 2003.


The companies Registry is a certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Production, corresponding to the province, where the business has it´s head office.

It is a tabular structured résumé of the company, indicating, in between other, following:


  • Name of the corporation

  • Adress and telephone numbers

  • Partners and its generals

  • Commercial activity

  • The date of the yearly assembly

  • The capital


The Companies Registry is each company´s ID, which is needed for any kind of action with it.

The issue, modification or renovation cost depends on the companies capital.

By the above said information,the importance of the Companies Registry is clearly shown. It expires every 2 years.


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